When on the page of a horse, you can use the  "Contacts" page to add contacts.

If you want to add an existing contact to your horse, use the "Add existing contacts" button. Now a tab will appear for you on the right where you can select the existing contact, after clicking the contact it will automatically be added to the horse.

To add a contact outside of Stalmanager to your horse, press the "Add contact’’ button.

As you can see, you have to fill in some information about the contact. Additionally, you can add a photo/picture for the contact. 

There are a few fields:

Name - The name of the contact

Company name - The name of the company the contact is from

Address - The contact's address

Email - The contact's email

Phone - The contact's phone number

- The contact's mobile phone number

Relation to the horse- The contact's relation to the horse

Relation to the stable- The contact's relation to the stable

Don’t forget to save your contact by using the "save" button.

If you would like to remove the contact from a specific horse, click on the "edit" button next to the contact and press the "Detach" button.